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Monroe® Intelligent Suspension announces the serial production of Monroe Intelligent Suspension KINETIC® X system. Introduced in several of the best performance vehicles in the world, Kinetic X is, a revolutionary suspension technology that replaces conventional mechanical anti-roll bars through a hydraulic interconnection of a vehicle’s four dampers for precise control of damping and roll and pitch motions.

Kinetic X, in fact, adds pitch control to the existing damping and roll control capabilities of the successful Kinetic system. The Kinetic system was the first suspension system introduced by Monroe, offering roll control, and eliminating the need for a mechanical roll bar. By adding pitch control, the Kinetic X system further raises handling, safety and ride experience to levels never achieved before- by brining pitch movements of the vehicle to a standstill.

 Exhilaration, precision, and comfort for drivers

KINETIC® X makes a heavy SUV feel like an agile sports car with a new world of driver and passenger comfort. The system maximizes tire-to-road contact, keeping vehicles flat to the road during dynamic driving conditions like cornering, reducing nosedive when braking and squat movement when accelerating. Besides excellent dynamics and agility, vehicles with KINETIC® X suspension boast enhanced safety features: higher levels of roll and pitch stability and remarkably precise steering, thereby instilling a sense of security and natural responsiveness for drivers.

 High wheel articulation and better wheel load distribution give the car more stability and much higher traction on rough terrain. The system’s ability to completely disconnect the roll stiffness of the system allows the wheels to travel independently to maintain contact with the ground even in the most extreme conditions. Overcoming challenging obstacles is all in a day’s work for this suspension system.

Not only is the ride experience exhilarating, it’s also incredibly smooth and comfortable. Maximally improved road isolation lowers levels of noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH). Electronic independent rebound and compression control inside the 2-valve electronic CVSA2 damper provides premium road filtering, body motion control and a wide tuning range. The system can also switch off roll-stiffness in straight-line driving to improve comfort in all road conditions.

Powerful potential for OEMs

The KINETIC® X system is used in the world’s most demanding, advanced vehicles. Its super high-tech configuration provides multiple advantages for engineers and manufacturers. The KINETIC® portfolio builds on a modular hardware architecture comprising lightweight aluminum damper modules, hydraulic manifolds, and power packs. Vehicle manufacturers can apply three levels of functionality: CVSA2 damping, CVSA2 damping with KINETIC® roll control or CVSA2 with KINETIC® X roll and pitch control. Its adaptability and tunability are visible through a   variety of hardware elements: accumulator tuning and damper sizing; damping control of the electronic valve configurations; and control software.

Widely adaptable, KINETIC® X features integration capabilities with different lift and air springs systems. The same technology can be tuned to sports cars, SUVs, SAVs, and most suspension architectures; the system design features flexible packaging and low damper dead length to optimize corner packaging space. To top off it, the cost of KINETIC® systems compares very favorably to fully active systems.

Energy efficient

Several factors contribute to the system’s energy efficiency. First, the integrated aluminum design of KINETIC® dampers and absence of anti-roll bars make this a class-leading lightweight technology for performance cars and SUVs. Next, energy consumption is low.  KINETIC® requires little power to change system pressure relevant to the selected drive mode; the roll moment of the KINETIC® system is substantially higher than other active roll control systems on the market; and it has lower average and peak energy demands than other active suspension systems. These attributes translate into extended electric range for BEV’s, making the system an ideal solution for heavy electric vehicles.

Engineering Excellence and Global Reach

Monroe Intelligent Suspension produces KINETIC® and KINETIC® X, together with CVSA2 and CVSAe dampers at its plants in Europe and offer shipping solutions to manufacturers worldwide. Collaborating extensively with OEMs, Monroe Intelligent Solutions leverages its full engineering force to seamlessly integrate suspension solution systems into the new automotive platforms. Its dedicated team works hand in hand with manufacturers to ensure tailored integration and final tuning of this cutting-edge suspension system.


With its precision handling, enhanced safety features, unparalleled comfort, and optimized production profile, Monroe Intelligent Suspension System KINETIC® X stands as the unequivocal choice for high-performance vehicles both on and off-road, catering to premium brands seeking to redefine driving experiences.


To learn more about Kinetic technology and Tenneco’s complete Monroe Intelligent Suspension portfolio, visit

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Tenneco is one of the world’s leading designers, manufacturers, and marketers of automotive products for original equipment and aftermarket customers. Through our DRiV, Performance Solutions, Clean Air and Powertrain business groups, Tenneco is driving advancements in global mobility by delivering technology solutions for light vehicle, commercial truck, off-highway, industrial, motorsport and the aftermarket.


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  • Monroe Kinetic Suspension
    Monroe Kinetic X Suspension roll stability
  • Monroe Kinetic X Suspension
    Monroe Kinetic X Suspension configuration
  • Monroe Kinetic X Suspension
    Monroe Kinetic X Suspension Corner
  • Monroe Kinetic X Suspension Off-roading with comfort valve open.

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