Digital Electronic Damping

Tenneco’s patented Digital Electronic Damping technology provides a digital electronic suspension solution that automatically adapts to roads surface using 16 discrete damping curves and mitigates packaging constraints by placing sensors, valves and intelligence inside the damper. The Digital Electronic Damping solution helps overcome characteristics inherent in some vehicles (shake, comfort under load, braking, emergency handling) and provides increased comfort and performance at a competitive cost.

Digital Electronic Damping

Simplified, cost-effective vehicle integration

Electronics, sensors and controls in the damper.
Simplified gateway module for vehicle network communication and cyber security in OE applications.
Lower overall system cost.

Intelligent digital electronic damping

Modular design that allows up to 4 solenoids providing 16 discrete damping curves.
Intelligent digital valve switching provides performance similar to more complicated electronic valving solutions.
Digital performance at an affordable cost.

Digital technology with algorithms

Digital valves and algorithm work together to reduce characteristics inherent in truck segment (shake, comfort under load, braking, emergency handling).
Valve switching and sensors located within the damper improve response time versus body accelerometers.
Improves truck performance without additional work required on suspension.