Tenneco Announces New Advanced Options for CVSA2/Kinetic...

CVSA2/Kinetic® Suspension Technology

Latest Enhancements Offer Improved Performance in SUV and Off-Road Applications

Tuesday, June 12, 2018 — Munich, Germany, June 12, 2018 – Tenneco Inc. (NYSE:TEN), a global supplier of Ride Performance and Clean Air products and systems, has announced today that its CVSA2 semi-active suspension technology – a cornerstone of its Monroe® Intelligent Suspension portfolio and originally developed for the sports car market – has been adapted for use in SUV and off-road applications with several new performance-enhancing upgrade options. Tenneco will showcase the latest generation of the technology this week during chassis.tech plus 2018, the 9th International Munich Chassis Symposium, taking place June 12-13, 2018 at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof in Munich.

The CVSA2 suspension system for SUVs is scalable to Tenneco’s new Kinetic® H2 roll-control and Kinetic®X2 pitch-control technologies, designed to greatly improve SUV on- and off-road performance and comfort by reducing the impact of cornering, accelerating and braking on vehicle roll and pitch motions. In addition, the system is available with new four-corner hydraulic lifting solutions with independent hydraulic spring seats for variable height and level control, delivering benefits such as improved ground clearance during off-road driving, easier ingress for passengers, load change compensation and reduced frontal height and aerodynamic drag during on-highway driving.“Our innovative CVSA2 suspension system offers many benefits for OEMs, including scalability and a highly flexible tuning range, while also providing superior handling, stability and on-road comfort for drivers,” said Martin Hendricks, president, Ride Performance, Tenneco. “By adapting this solution for SUV applications and adding enhancements like our advanced Kinetic®roll- and pitch-control technologies, we can offer consumers the best possible balance between performance and driving comfort as we pursue the perfect ride.”When upgraded to the CVSA2/ Kinetic®H2 roll-control system, SUV drivers benefit from improved corner stability, better handling, reduced head-toss and increased comfort. During off-road use, the system manages wheel load distribution and allows for increased wheel travel, improving terrain handling, vehicle stability and traction. Upgrading to Tenneco’s CVSA2/ Kinetic® X2 system further enhances SUV performance by adding pitch control for improved driving comfort, reduced braking distance and better stability during acceleration.Upgrade Options Also Benefit BEV and Sport Cars

Tenneco’s advanced CVSA2/Kinetic® H2 and X2 technologies also are available as upgrades for sports car applications, offering benefits such as improved traction, steering response, road isolation wheel load distribution, brake balance, aerodynamics functioning and comfort. In addition, the CVSA2/Kinetic® X2 system is a beneficial upgrade to battery electric vehicles, which are especially sensitive to pitch during rapid acceleration and deceleration due to their high battery weight. Tenneco’s CVSA2/Kinetic® systems offers OEM customers weight reduction, low energy consumption and numerous other advantages at a competitive cost compared with other damping and roll control systems available on the market.


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